Creating value for our customers.

Forming a partnership with CoCre8, Fujitsu and our alliance partners opens up new avenues – and they all lead to success.

Strategic alliances are built upon mutual trust and collaboration.

Partnering is central to CoCre8’s business model, and these multi partnerships aim to cultivate strong and long-lasting relationships by identifying synergies and value-adding products, services and solutions that benefit all parties, but most importantly the end customers.

CoCre8 offers its alliance partners opportunities to access new markets, increase market presence and to win joint customers, therefore raising the volume of mutually-profitable business. CoCre8’s overall goal is to create strong demand for best-in-class offerings, effective marketing strategies, and reliable services that delight customers.

As Fujitsu’s exclusive distributor for South Africa & English Speaking Africa, CoCre8 will benefit from Fujitsu’s existing alliances both locally and internationally.

Our alliance partners