SOCaaS – Security Operations Centre as a Service

The CoCre8 Security Operations Centre is a centralized security division that is responsible for monitoring customer environments 24/7 and proactively defending them against security threats, both from an internal and external perspective.

  • CoCre8’s SOC is technology agnostic.
  • External threat detection, response and remediation.
  • Addresses threats from external adversaries, such as cybercriminals, hostile state actors.
  • Privileged partner threat detection, response, and remediation.
  • Addresses threats from privileged external partners, such as vendors or outsourcing partners.
  • Internal threat detection, response, and remediation.
  • Regulatory compliance.
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Absolute is a cloud-based endpoint security and management Software as a Service which allows you to track, manage and protect your hardware estate on and off your corporate domain.

  • Embedded in the firmware of 25 leading device manufacturers, Absolute provides always-connected visibility & control & makes the security posture of your estate resilient, withstanding attacks and returning your assets to an original state of safety & efficacy.
  • The asset now has the capability to report back to the asset management system once an Internet connection has been established.
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Expanding, monitoring and evaluating your organisation’s cyber security posture can no longer be left up to human analysts. Organisations need the help of a military-grade, self-learning advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), that works autonomously to filter known and unknown vulnerabilities and exploits.

  • Providing companies with external threat intelligence and protection for the assets they own.
  • Powered by powerful Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology.
  • This AGI solution understands your environment, finds and exploits weaknesses, while recommending remediation actions.
  • An Artificial General Intelligence security engine that self learns your IT systems without human intervention.
  • Working from the outside and the inside.
  • Fortitude will test applications, networks, geographical locations, processes, and even people to determine resiliency to withstand a cyber-attack.
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