Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging provides a localised private encrypted method of communications for voice, chat and content exchange across all mobile platforms. Included capabilities and not limited to:

  • Data is stored on your dedicated privately deployed infrastructure with named and restricted logical and physical access
  • Information is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Accessible via a mobile application or web interface
  • Controlled identity management using Active Directory or the built-in authentication engine to maximise access control
  • Peer to peer and group communications
  • Audit trail
  • Complies with Global Standards and regulations for encryption
Digital pocket book

The Digital pocket book digitises “in the field” processes using a combination of smartphone hardware and software features. Included capabilities and not limited to:

  • Identity recognition using finger prints and facial images
  • 1D & 2D Barcode scanning
  • Digital notes and tags
  • Embedded e-sim technology for Geo-Tracking
  • Two-way radio communication capability
  • Information is secured through Blockchain Technology
Education Solutions - CoCre8 Technology Solutions

Edu-smart Centre


The Edu-Smart Centre is a turnkey e-learning solution that combines the best of breed hardware and software to deliver a rich learning experience. Included capabilities and not limited to:

  • Intelligent Digital content delivery that utilises AI for dynamic learner assessments adapting content delivery methods based on the learners preferred method of learning e.g. Audio and visual, gamification, text book etc.
  • Learner progress tracking and reporting
  • Interactive Digital smart boards and learner stations
  • Controller and governed WIFI access
  • Prefabricated and containerised structures for rapid deployment of infrastructure for up to 40 learners per classroom
  • Off the grid solar powered
  • Peer to peer video conference interaction across various geo-graphic locations creating a wider learner/teaching eco-system

Digital Kiosks

Connecting the unconnected workforce

Kiosks bridge the divide between connected and unconnected citizens by enabling access to the digital eco-system. Use cases include and not limited to:

  • Communal access to online government and financial services
  • Access to leave, payroll and intranet and internet services
  • Training stations for health and safety
  • Document scanning and printing capabilities optional
  • Removing the need for passwords – Secure Contactless Biometric identification and authentication
  • Native integration into SAP using bioLock
  • Proximity Sensor used to detect user inactivity allowing for session locking

Aviation Solutions

Fleet and crew optimisation
  • An integrated Airline Fleet scheduling and Crew Roster planning system
  • Assists Airlines in optimising their Fleet and Crew from a single console
  • Manages Compliance Risk by ensuring adherence to international and local aviation rules.
  • Provides outstanding value for money by assisting airlines to prevent wastage in how they utilise aircraft, crew and financial resources.
  • We also offer state of the art value adding modules such as Network Aware and Crew Mobility
  • Providing Airlines with real-time views into the network and crew deployments directly onto your mobile devices.

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